(Q):  How do I know that I can trust Down & Dirty Cleaning Service?
(A):  We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our uniformed teams arrive prepared and ready to clean your property. The owner personally stands behind each cleaning. We have years of cleaning experience in the Upper Cumberland area with many satisfied clients.

(Q): How much will it cost to have my house cleaned?
(A): We  do an onsite estimate with each potential client so we are able to tailor our service to meet the needs of each of our clients.

(Q): What will you need to have for us when we arrive at your house?
(A): We bring all necessary cleaning supplies however if you prefer that we use certain cleaning supplies you can leave them out for us or leave us instructions letting us know where to find them.

(Q): What are my options as far as frequency of cleanings?
(A): It depends on what works best for our clients. Our regular services range from daily, 3 times per week, weekly, biweekly, every 3 weeks, and monthly. Some clients reserve the right to schedule us on an as needed basis. If you are not on a set schedule we try to be as accommodating as possible however it depends on availability when we will be able to clean your property.

(Q): Do you have to be onsite when we clean?
(A): Most of our clients are not. It is your choice. If you will not be onsite when we arrive we just ask that you make sure that we are able to gain entry to the property. Again how we do this depends on each client you can leave us a key, leave a door unlocked, a garage door code, or make us a copy of your key to keep. Please if you have an alarm make sure to give us an alarm code or leave the alarm disarmed on days that we are going to be at your property. If you have an alarm that you are able to disarm and arm from a phone off site we are more than happy to call you when we arrive and when we leave the property.


  • (Q): How do you deal with pets?
    (A): We love your animals. If your animals are territorial and not always welcoming to new friends we ask that the owner has them put up in a room or area of the property that we will not be cleaning. If they are friendly and you don't mind them being out on your freshly cleaned floors we don't mind their company. Indoor cats will remain indoors. 

  • (Q): What if something is damaged during the cleaning of your home?

    (A): We will notify you as soon as possible. We will repair, replace, or file an insurance claim if necessary. We are very careful when we are in your home and respect your belongings however from time to time accidents do happen and we want to make things right.
  • (Q): What happens if I need to reschedule an appointment?
    (A): You should contact us 72 hours before your cleaning and we will be happy to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This time allows us to give the staff scheduled to clean your property advanced notice of the change to their schedule and reschedule other clients whose cleaning appointment times this might effect. We understand that emergencies arise and will allow for cancelations with less notice in these circumstances. If there are more than 2 emergency cancelations per quarter Down & Dirty Cleaning Service does reserve the right to charge a $30 cancelation fee.

  • (Q): What if my regularly scheduled visits falls on a holiday?

    (A): If your regularly scheduled visit falls on a holiday we will contact you prior to the holiday to see if you would like to reschedule your cleaning. Our ability to reschedule may depend on availability. The holidays that Down & Dirty Cleaning Service will be closed are New Years, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. If there are other holidays that you will be off work and would like to reschedule your cleaning please give us at least 72 hours advanced notice.